The new trend of environmental protection for water-based and hot-melt adhesives

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The water-based adhesive uses natural or synthetic polymers as the viscous material, and uses water as the solvent or dispersant to replace the toxic organic solvents that pollute the environment to produce an environmentally friendly and healthy adhesive.

In the furniture, printing, packaging and other industries that are in the rapid transformation of environmentally friendly glue, many non-environmental glues are being replaced by environmentally friendly water-based glues and hot melt glues.

From environmental protection to environmental protection, to improve product quality and market competitiveness, business leaders have such vision and courage, companies must go further and further.







  Benefits to environmental protection 

The use of water-based products greatly reduces air pollution caused by the emission of organic solvents;

★ Reduce the damage to the ecological environment such as animals and plants caused by the discharge of organic solvents;

★ There is no pollution to the air and the surrounding environment, which can avoid the trouble of government orders and related organizations.




 Benefits to worker health

In the past, oily products, especially triphenyl and high-boiling fluxes, caused great physical harm to employees;

★ After changing to water-based adhesive and hot-melt adhesive products, the existence of organic solvents can be greatly reduced, and the health of employees can be greatly protected;

★ The use of water-based glue in the factory can greatly improve the working environment of employees, deepen their loyalty to the company, and greatly improve their stability;


The company's use of water-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives can enhance the company's reputation in the same industry, enhance brand reputation and product market competitiveness.

★ The company's use of water-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives can greatly reduce the investment costs caused by fire safety aspects such as fire and explosion protection;

★ At this stage, the use of water-based glue and hot-melt glue can make the company more in line with the requirements of policies and regulations, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the factory;

★ The company's products can pass the European and American testing standards and pass the European and American market entry barriers, opening up a broader global market for products and winning the future.

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