Fight the epidemic and protect your health∣Enter the forefront of Taiqiang's resumption of productio

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Join forces to fight the epidemic

Battle for all members, overcome the difficulties together!

Together we will overcome difficulties together!

Prevent and control the epidemic, always stick to it!

Let us win this battle against the epidemic together!

In order to meet customer needs, Taiqiang Group’s Qingyuan Plant and Yingde Plant have fully implemented the "five in place" for epidemic prevention and control, and the "seven one" requirements for resumption of work and production. Under the unified guidance of the government epidemic prevention unit and the Taiqiang epidemic prevention project team, Fully resume production on February 13, 2020. Let's walk into the forefront of epidemic prevention in Taiqiang factory.

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图1)

Fight the epidemic and protect your health, Taiqiang is here行动

1. In the face of the epidemic, Taiqiang specially invited professionals from the health and epidemic prevention department for guidance at the first time, and established a Taiqiang epidemic prevention and control leading group to coordinate the internal prevention and control work of the enterprise.

2. Three days before the resumption of production, a professional team should be asked to conduct comprehensive and no dead-angle disinfection on the office area, living area, laboratory building, and production workshop inside the factory to ensure safety in the factory area.

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图2)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图3)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图4)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图5)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图6)

3. Post various epidemic prevention and control propaganda materials in the factory and staff dormitories to increase employees' awareness of fighting the virus, and prevent the epidemic from me.

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图7)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图8)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图9)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图10)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图11)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图12)

4. Test the temperature of employees before starting work. They must measure their body temperature and wear masks when entering the factory and workshops, and wear masks for activities in the factory.

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图13)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图14)

5. Learn more about and record employee health information, address information, and activity information, quarantine employees in epidemic areas at home, and extend their holidays; employees in non-epidemic areas will enter health inspections and resume work in batches.

6. Disinfect logistics vehicles and employees' vehicles in the factory, and visits by unknown persons and unrelated vehicles are strictly prohibited.

7. Strengthen the management of food hygiene in the canteen to ensure food hygiene and safety; the staff canteen temporarily cancels the collective meal system, and implements the system of eating in batches and returning meals to the dormitory to prevent crowds.

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图15)

8. Proactively contact customers, organize the company's logistics fleet, and actively coordinate logistics and express companies to carry out transportation and distribution to corporate customers who have resumed production in areas where the epidemic is not serious, to ensure that customers can resume normal production.

Full resumption of work and production

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图16)
抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图17)

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图18)
抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图19)

Life is more important than Mount Tai,

The epidemic is an order,

Prevention and control is responsibility,

We work together,

The epidemic is definitely preventable.

抗击疫情 守护健康∣走进泰强复工生产防疫最前线(图20)


Due to the impact of the epidemic, normal delivery is not possible in many areas across the country. For customers in normal transportation and delivery areas, please contact our sales representative as soon as possible to coordinate the delivery of goods. We will give priority, quickly and fully guarantee the supply, thank you!

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