Qingyuan City has achieved a zero breakthrough in history! Taiqiang Chemical won the title of "Natio

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  At present, Guangdong Taiqiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., whose production base is located in Qingyuan City, is recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office as the “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” in 2019, becoming the first and only company in Qingyuan's history to receive this honor.


  "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" is the highest honor awarded by the state to the creation, application, protection, management and other aspects of enterprise intellectual property rights. Taiqiang Chemical is a national intellectual property standard certification enterprise. The R&D, production and sales of water-based adhesives, new hot melt adhesives, multifunctional aerosol adhesives and other series of products have more than 500 distribution outlets across the country and are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. At present, there are 22 domestic invention patent applications, 5 of which have been authorized, 17 of which have entered the substantive examination stage; 49 of utility model patent applications, of which all have been authorized; 15 of appearance patent applications, of which have been fully authorized. In the past three years, intellectual property investment funds have increased year by year, accounting for more than 30% of research and development funds, patent implementation rate has reached 100%, and patent product sales accounted for 99.88% of total sales.



  A few days ago, the State Intellectual Property Office publicized the list of national intellectual property advantage demonstration enterprises in 2019. Guangdong Taiqiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has undergone expert review, on-site defense and other links, relying on deep technical and technological reserves, strong R&D and innovation capabilities and excellent knowledge The level of property rights management stood out from many participating units across the country, and was successfully recognized as the “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” in 2019, achieving a historic zero breakthrough for Qingyuan City in this project.


  Li Manlin, general manager of Guangdong Taiqiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.: Like our company's leading product "environmental water-based spray glue" through the patent navigation decision-making mechanism, the current domestic market share of this product has reached more than 60%.


  China's Taiqiang, a good helper for the world! Taiqiang is market-oriented, solving customer pain points, meeting customer needs, and developing together with customers. Only with green water and green mountains, can China be strong! "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" is a new starting point for Taiqiang's development and a new declaration of Taiqiang's participation in international competition!

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